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North York Physiotherapist Gregory Smith
North York Physiotherapist Gregory Smith


  • Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, Queen’s University (2013)
  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy, Queen’s University (2017)

Post Graduate Certifications

  • McKenzie Institute Part A
  • Advanced Orthopaedics (L1,2 & 3 UE)
  • Sport Physiotherapy Fellowship – Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine


  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA)
  • Orthopedic Division of CPA

Greg has shown a deep commitment to professional development as a physiotherapist. His fellowship with Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine developed a strong understanding of sport physiotherapy. He has served as an executive member of Private Practice Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association for 5 years (2015-2020) and was an ambassador for the Ontario Physiotherapy Association’s New to Practice group on for 3 years (2017-2020).

Born and raised in Toronto, Greg has been involved in sport his whole life. He played with the Queens Varsity Rugby Team for the four years that he attended. He has two siblings and enjoys traveling. He hopes to make a trip to the Yukon someday soon!

Favourite Quote

It’s hard to make predictions – especially about the future.


  • Prince

Binge Watches

  • The Wire

What Greg's patients say...

Greg Smith at Cornerstone was a fantastic physiotherapist from start to finish. I was particularly impressed by how he conducted the virtual sessions during the pandemic. The docs with the exercises pictures were really good too. I would highly recommend him and Cornerstone!

Rajat Singhania
North York, Ontario

What Greg's patients say...

I got assigned to Greg Smith, I highly recommend him to anyone….I have never been to physiotherapy before this but I can’t say enough good things about their staff or Greg. I’m now back on my feet and better than ever. They definitely deserve the 5 star rating they have on google.

Jesse Linardatos
North York, Ontario

What Greg's patients say...

Amazing results!!! Greg Smith is fantastic, he helped me get rid of an annoying shoulder subluxation sensation that has been bothering me for 5 years. Just carefully follow the instructions of your Physio and you will be fine.

Joshua Salvador
North York, Ontario

What Greg's patients say...

I have multiple issues with pain for over 6 years (two broken heels, slipped disc in my lower back and neck) and I have been to a plethora of specialists that have either made no changes or put me in worse pain. I decided to try physiotherapy again after giving up on the discipline 6 months ago. Greg Smith has gone above and beyond in helping me with my pain, thinking outside the box with possibilities/treatment and answering any of my questions that I have. He is professional and actually cares about his clients, which I greatly appreciate.

Dan Davis
North York, Ontario

What Greg's patient say...

I was suffering from a server shoulder and neck pain for sometime. I visited Cornerstone Physiotherapy and they booked my first appointment with Greg who spent a good hour going through my daily routine and habits to find all possible root causes for my pain.

He worked with finding the right exercises for me and stretches. His treatments worked on my pain very well and I was able to see a lot of improvement on my affected muscles after the first week of treatment. He followed up with me patiently and gave me really good suggestions on how to improve my posture during day to day activities.

The center itself was thoroughly clean and had set up good practices during this pandemic time. I was most comfortable while visiting it for my appointments. I would highly recommend this clinic as well as Greg for anyone who are looking for exceptional service.

Kalani Wijeratne
North York, Ontario

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