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Long COVID-19 can be a confusing problem to navigate. Long Haulers feel as though they have little control over their symptoms. Severe fatigue, breathlessness, brain fog, pain and more, can worsen in what seems like a random fashion. We understand that even mild physical activity can make your symptoms worse. Cornerstone’s program helps you understand your symptoms, and regain control while slowly increasing activity at the rate your body can tolerate.

Cornerstone’s Long COVID program was developed in consultation with researchers and experts on the front lines, treating COVID patients. We are the first program of our kind. We leverage the power of virtual consultations, data from wearables (Apple watch, fitbit etc..) and symptom monitoring technology. We provide easy to follow guidelines to help you recover while minimizing exacerbation of symptoms, commonly referred to as “crashes”. 

We acknowledge that research and knowledge about Long COVID continues to evolve. We continue to work with medical professionals and researchers from many disciplines to continue to learn about the condition. We encourage patients to have a medical and rehabilitation team working together to help manage the condition.

– Click here to read our Guide to Long COVID-19 Syndrome –


Post COVID-19 Syndrome Symptoms

NOTE:  Post Acute COVID-19 patients may not have all of these symptoms.
Each person’s presentation is unique and requires a customized treatment plan.


How Does Cornerstone’s Long COVID Program Work?

Anyone in Ontario can Access Our Help

Cornerstone’s Long COVID Program can be delivered exclusively using video conferencing. This means anyone in the province of Ontario can access this cutting edge program. For patients in the Greater Toronto Area we can do in-person consultation on an as-needed basis.

We Start With Comprehensive Assessment. 

We use tools designed to capture and measure the complete spectrum of symptoms that COVID Long Haulers experience, and we track your progress over time. Every patient has different symptoms and requires a different approach. By fully understanding what you are experiencing we can tailor our treatment plan to help you. 

A positive COVID-19 test is not required. Many patients who contracted COVID-19 were not able to access testing to confirm their condition. We strongly recommend that you also have your physician involved in your care. We provide detailed information to your medical team to help them understand your condition and treat problems as they arise. We support the rest of your medical team.

Insights From Wearable Technology

Making sense of your symptoms and the recovery process requires a lot of detailed information. Our patients use wearable technology like apple watch, fitbit etc… We are able to access and analyse the data from your program approved device to understand how your body is responding and to guide rehabilitation recommendations. 

We will provide a letter recommending a wearable device for the purposes of Long COVID Treatment. Some insurance companies may cover part or all of the cost.

If you are unable to access a wearable device, we can still work with you. Our clinicians work with Long COVID patients every day. We will take a more conservative approach to your treatment plan and progress you based on how your symptoms are responding. While this approach is less precise it may be required to fit some patients’ budgets. 

Symptom Monitoring Technology

Our team at Cornerstone is able to collect symptom information from patients at regular intervals through an easy to use web platform. This allows us to track symptoms over time and correlate them to your wearable data and activity levels.

Treatment Your Body Can Handle

The power of analyzing symptom information with biometric data allows us to progress your rehab plan at a pace your body can handle enabling you to take advantage of recovery while minimizing the risk of worsening your condition. Our Physiotherapists use all of this information to provide you with clear and easy to understand instructions. You will always know what you should be doing to make optimal progress.

A Global Approach To Covid-19 Recovery

We help you identify things that you could be doing to support your recovery. Many factors influence recovery. Sleep, nutrition, hydration and psychological factors all have an impact. Where necessary we will refer you to another professional, otherwise we can provide evidence based education to help you fine tune your recovery habits.


Long COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program Advisory Committee


Adam Brown   BScPT
Physiotherapist and Researcher

Adam is the clinical lead at Cornerstone Physiotherapy and is a Clinical Research Coordinator with the University Health Network (UHN) investigating Long COVID rehabilitation. 20 years of clinical experience combined with a masters of clinical science and a passion for incorporating new and innovative ways to help patients, Adam has been developing our Long COVID program since May 2020. He has a particular interest in the science of recovery and investigating how clinicians can use data from wearables to guide patients.


Melissa Seifried   MScPT
Physiotherapist and Director

Melissa is the Director of Cornerstone’s COVID Long Haulers Treatment Program. She is an experienced Therapist with a passion for helping patients overcome the consequences of COVID-19. She has immersed herself in the understanding of this new condition and along with the rest of our clinical team she has been instrumental in developing safe and effective ways to guide patients through the recovery process.


Dr. John Macleoad
Long COVID Patient, Primary Care MD, Infectious Disease, Research

Dr. John MacLeod brings a wealth of knowledge to the program. He is an experienced primary care Physician with a subspecialty in infectious disease (HIV). He is also a Long COVID patient. Contributing the perspective of a Physician and the lived experience of a patient, John has improved the design of our program a great deal. John also brings research experience. He worked previously at McGill University in the Immunodeficiency Clinic of the MUHC.


Dr. Angela Cheung
Physician and Researcher

As a lead investigator in The Canadian COVID-19 Prospective Cohort Study (Cancov), Dr. Cheung brings a wealth of clinical knowledge that helps guide Cornerstone’s Long COVID-19 program. She provides critical insight into the full spectrum of the Long Haul COVID patient experience. Her input has informed the continuous improvement of our program.

Dr. Angela M. Cheung is a Professor of Medicine and the KY and Betty Ho Chair of Integrative Medicine at the University of Toronto. She is an Internal Medicine specialist and senior scientist at the University Health Network. She obtained her MD from Johns Hopkins University and completed her training in General Internal Medicine at the University of Toronto and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, and her Ph.D. from Harvard University.


Dr. Kieran Quinn
Physician and Researcher

Dr. Kieran Quinn is a General Internist and Palliative Care Clinician-Scientist at Sinai Health System and a Clinician-Scientist in the Department of Medicine and Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto and an Adjunct Scientist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES). His research focusses on using advanced analytic methods and large administrative datasets to improve access and delivery of high-quality end-of- life care for patients with terminal noncancer illness, such as heart failure and dementia, and improving the recognition and care of patients with the post COVID-19 condition (long COVID). He served as the Assistant Director of the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, and currently is the Assistant Director of the Ontario Public Health Emergencies Science Advisory Committee and an Expert Member of the Chief Science Advisor’s National Task Force on the Post COVID-19 Condition. His early research success includes over $27 million dollars in competitive grant funding and 3 CIHR grants as nominated principal applicant. He has 70 peer- reviewed publications, including 47 as first author or senior author in high impact journals such as JAMA, JAMA Internal Medicine, BMJ and CMAJ.

What our Long COVID patients say...

Cornerstone has been my saving grace. In March I was badly suffering from long COVID and I was in such a depressive mental space. Melissa literally saved me with her compassion, and constant support. I’ve made so many incredible strides physically and mentally. It’s now the end of July and I’m able to actually get out of bed and do things with careful pacing and instructions! I’m forever grateful.

Rhys Opdam
Ontario, CA

What our Long COVID treatment patients say...

I highly recommend anyone struggling with Long COVID to consider Cornerstone, especially those who’s doctors may not have taken them seriously. Giacomo was great to work with, he helped customize a recovery plan with me and monitored my symptoms via my smart watch. We could then analyze and monitor any trends to adjust my activity level. Thank you very much Giacomo and Cornerstone!

Markham, ON

What our COVID rehabilitation patients say...

Melissa and Adam have been wonderful to work with. The instructions they give are easy to follow and understand.  It is clear that they spend a lot of time and effort designing a personal activity plan that is based on feedback from my own data. The support that they have provided me has been very reassuring. They are easily reached, and quick to answer all of my questions.

Claire C.
Toronto, Ontario

Cornerstone Physiotherapy is providing an invaluable resource to patients suffering from mild to severe autonomic dysfunction, particularly postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, a largely misunderstood and under-diagnosed condition. The team has a deep understanding of the physiology of the potentially debilitating symptoms and gradual treatment options on an individual basis. What a cornerstone of guidance and support for so many patients.

Kristen Yu

What our Long COVID patients say...

Working with Cornerstone virtually for long COVID care and they are really helpful. They take the time to listen to what is going on for me, as this condition is unique for each individual. They stay up to date on research and try their best to find solutions to help me feel better. Their guidance with pacing has been great and given me a path that clears some of the mud around navigating this condition.

Amanda Sistilli
Toronto, ON

Long COVID Rehabilitation Fees

  • Assessment Appointment
    *This fee is covered by most insurance plans. Contact us for more details. *Please note that up to 10 min of the appointment is required for therapist documentation and treatment planning.
  • $132
  • Follow Up Appointment
    *This fee is covered by most insurance plans. Contact us for more details. *Please note that up to 5 min of the appointment is required for therapist documentation.
  • $88

Meet our Long COVID Rehab Pros

Giacomo Silvestri

Physiotherapist, Director (Markham) Markham Team Photo of Toronto Physiotherapist Giacomo Silvestri

Kate Pratley

Physiotherapist, Director (Burlington) Burlington Team Photo of Burlington Physiotherapist Kate Pratley

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