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How Cornerstone is keeping our patients and staff safe from Covid-19.

Covid-19 safety is our top priority.

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Online Physiotherapy Experts

Cornerstone physiotherapists are experienced in providing care through telerehab video consultations. We have been delivering virtual physiotherapy sessions to patients for years. This type of physiotherapy can be very effective and can simply be done with a computer, tablet or smart-phone.

Whether you have barriers that make it difficult to leave your home or simply prefer the convenience of care on your terms, connect with one of our registered physiotherapists now.

With Telehealth Physiotherapy Consults, We Can:

  • Take a complete history to provide an accurate diagnosis
  • Examine range of motion and movements
  • Perform a functional movement examination
  • Evaluate strength
  • Prescribe exercises and stretches – with supporting photos/videos
  • Correct exercise form and provide cues to perform them more effectively
  • Provide and refine self joint mobilization techniques
  • Provide and refine self directed soft tissue treatment techniques
  • Provide a full rehab plan to follow in your own environment
  • Educate patients on their injury or condition
  • Help train another person to assist you with exercises or stretches

What our virtual physiotherapy patients say...

I am very happy with my experience at Cornerstone Physiotherapy. I was able to set up a virtual appointment quickly and conveniently after suffering an injury. Despite not being in person, I received a thorough assessment, where the physio was able to walk me through or demonstrate herself…. Although seeing a physio in person is nice, this experience to see a physio virtually, is in my opinion, on par.

Kathryn M
Toronto, Ontario

What our telehealth patients say...

I received Virtual physiotherapy from Cornerstone. My experience was fantastic. I have 3 children at home so virtual was so much easier than commuting to an appointment. And my physiotherapist was extremely helpful; I was very impressed with my care and healing process.

Tara Black
Toronto, Ontario

What our virtual physiotherapy patient say...

Attended a virtual session a couple of weeks ago regarding chronic lower back pain. Being a healthcare provider myself, I was skeptical about a virtual approach to physio. After a thorough discussion and observation, a small tweak was made to how I was executing my tried and true lower back stretch exercise. The pain level decreased significantly during the session and now continues to be a non-issue based on proper stretching execution. Thanks!

David Ramback
Toronto, Ontario

What our virtual physiotherapy patients say...

I wasn’t sure at first about how useful the virtual sessions would be but they have been excellent in helping with the strain on my neck and back that has arisen from spending more time working from home at a less ergonomically appropriate work station.

Victor Michael
Toronto, Ontario

What our virtual physiotherapy patients say...

I switched to video sessions 6 months ago due to the pandemic & have been really impressed. Hayley assessed range of motion, location of most significant pain, impairment, swelling & took me through exercises to help with all of the above. Two sessions & two weeks later, I was pretty much back to where I had been…  I’m extremely happy with level of care at Cornerstone.

Michelle Somers
Toronto, Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Physiotherapy are Provided with Video Consults?

We provide virtual/video consultations to all of our patients including people with musculoskeletal, vestibular or pelvic health conditions.

Does insurance cover Telehealth / Virtual Physiotherapy?

Yes! At this time, we are unaware of any extended health insurer that does not cover virtual physiotherapy as a part of their usual physiotherapy benefits. We have no reports of any claims being denied. However, you may wish to contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage details.

What do I Need for my Virtual Physiotherapy Session?

Any of the following devices with an internet connection will be sufficient for your virtual session:

Set your device up so that you can do a face-to-face interview and you can move away to show your full body. Change into loose fitting clothing (like you would wear to a gym) so that you can move freely. Check your email account for the link to your session!

If you have any questions prior to your appointment, give us a call, we are more than happy to help.

Click here to learn how effective Online Physiotherapy can be for you.

We’re Not Your Usual Telehealth Clinic

Direct Insurance Billing
Direct Insurance Billing
Experienced Clinicians
Experienced Clinicians
Outstanding Results
Outstanding Results

Virtual Physiotherapy Rates

  • Initial Appointment (assessment)
  • 60 mins.
  • $132
  • Follow Up Appointment
  • 30 mins.
  • $88
  • *contact us for Pelvic Health and Dizziness Clinic rates

Meet Our Online Physiotherapy Pros

Try a Free Consultation

Try a free Consultation

Unsure if our services are appropriate for your problem? We offer a complimentary phone consultation with a registered physiotherapist to discuss your issue and provide honest advice about treatment options.

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