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biking club riding together on a country road in Markham
biking club riding together on a country road in Markham
biking club riding together on a country road in Markham


Cycling is one of the best activities to do in Markham in the summer.   Bicycle riding is a great activity for anyone with hip, knee or ankle pain and can be a wonderful way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Markham.  From Milne Dam Conservation Park to Bruce’s Mill Conservation Park, the city of Markham has something for everyone looking to get active on a bike. 

Whether you’re interested in cycling the streets of Unionville or hitting the trails in the Rouge Valley Park, riding as a part of a group can be the best way to do it.  Not only do you get to socialize with people who love exploring Makrkham on two wheels, you also get added safety and support during your ride.  To help you explore Markham, we have put together a list of the major cycling groups in the Markham/Unionville area.


Markham Cycles

Markham’s community cycling hub since 2019.  Their goal is to build cycling culture by removing barriers and making it easier to start cycling in Markham.  On top of their do-it-yourself bike repair program, they offer guided group rides exploring Markham’s neighborhood’s on your bike.  They offer 10-15 Km rides at family friendly pace around Markham’s trails, residential streets and Unionville cycling infrastructure.


The Bike Asylum Cycling Club

Centered around The Bike Asylum in Stouffville.  The Bike Asylum Cycling Club offers three rides every week for riders of all abilities.  If you’re new to group riding, they offer a beginner’s clinic for both road and mountain biking!  For newer riders, The Bike Asylum Cycling Club has a strict “no drop” policy, so you can enjoy the streets of Stouffville with no pressure of losing the group!


Dornella’s Cycling Club

A friendly, incluse club for all cycling enthusiasts who want to enjoy the streets of Markham, Scarborough, Unionville and Stouffville.  Whether your goal is to increase your fitness, improve your group riding skills or reach a new personal best, D’Ornella’s has a group for you.  If you’re looking for a group with some serious pedigree, this may be the one for you.  D’Ornella’s was founded by Eon D’Ornella, four time Olympian and two time Canadian National Road Racing Champion.


Now that you’ve found a cycling group near you.  You need to make sure you can enjoy a pain-free bike ride through the streets of Markham.  The best way to do this is through a proper bike fit.  Finding a professional bike fit near you can be challenging, so here are some tips to eliminate pain after cycling.

Your bike seat is the main contact point between you and your bicycle and can cause buttock, hip/groin and pelvic pain after cycling for both male and female cyclists.  How do you improve your seat position on your bike?  There is a simple way to determine the right bike saddle position for you without confusing bike fit angles and fancy bike fit charts.

To check your saddle height, sit on your saddle with your hips level to the ground and place your heel on the pedal.  Your saddle should be at the height where your knee is fully extended at the lowest part of the pedal stroke.  To double check your fit, put the ball of your foot on the pedal and make sure there is a slight bend at your knee when the pedal is in the lowest position.

Once you’ve figured out your saddle height, it’s time to determine if you need to move your saddle position forward or back.  To do your own saddle setback measurement, you’ll need a string with a small weight on one end and a mirror or a friend to look at your alignment.  With your foot on your pedal at the 3 o’clock position, hold the un-weighted end of the string at your knee cap and let the weighted end hang towards (but not touching) the ground.  Move your seat position forward or back until the string is in line with the middle of your pedal when viewed from the side.

Read out our bike fit article to find the right fit for your bike.  If you’re looking for cycling, rehab or injury prevention help, visit Cornerstone Physiotherapy Markham/Unionville at 5051 Highway 7 across from Markville Mall.

Don’t forget that a proper warm up is an important component of any activity, especially those challenging group rides!  Even though this was developed for colder weather, use this warm up and check the local weather report before you hop on your bike.

Are you wondering if our clinic can help you with your specific problem? Allow one of our registered physiotherapists to provide you with a free 10 minute phone consultation and get you honest answers to your questions.  Call us at (905) 209-6830.

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