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What’s Cornerstone’s origin story?

Cornerstone was founded in 2008 by Adam Brown and Joon Nah, two physiotherapists with a passion for combining clinical excellence and outstanding customer service. They believed that rehabilitation should be done better. This meant truly understanding what a patient experience entails and fostering a team environment that focused on looking forward and never settled on the status quo. Cornerstone strives to be the most trusted physiotherapy organization in every community we serve. Our focus is on combining clinical excellence with outstanding customer service. We request feedback from every patient and use it to ensure our future will always be greater than our past. We measure our success by the impact we make on our patients’ lives.


What does the hiring process look like?

We want you to love where you work! As the first step, you’ll chat with the clinic director to see if we’re a good fit.  From there, we’ll go through a case based discussion so you get a taste of what the mentorship process looks like at Cornerstone.  Finally, you’ll spend some time shadowing  the team to experience the clinic atmosphere firsthand.


What can set me apart from other candidates to join the team at Cornerstone?

We are looking for superstars who bring energy, empathy, and a willingness to go the extra mile. Our ideal team member enjoys the challenge and looks for opportunities to improve. They are a doer, independent thinker and team player, ultimately transforming our patients lives  and our company.


What is needed to succeed at Cornerstone?

Our physiotherapists are passionate about what they do, confident and collaborate with the clinical team and referring physicians to provide the highest level of care. They are the sort of therapist that creates positive and lasting relationships with their patients, and understand that each patient’s expectations must not only be met but exceeded. Our staff not only love what they do, they love where they do it. When you join Cornerstone you become a part of something special.


What supports exist for new team members (especially newer graduates) company wide and within the clinic?

Our mentorship program is one of our key pillars at Cornerstone.  We take helping you to become the best therapist you can be seriously.  Our program consists of:

Clinic group mentorship
Meet with your whole team bi-weekly to discuss cases, develop your skills and discuss the latest evidence

One-on-one support
Meet with a senior clinician regularly to discuss challenging cases or any other questions you may have

Virtual rounds
Meet with the clinicians across the company weekly to discuss challenging cases in a safe and supportive environment

Specialty program mentorship
Meet with other clinicians in the vestibular, pelvic health or Long COVID programs to sharpen your skills in these complex areas

Caseload mentorship
Learn how to communicate effectively, develop an effective treatment plan and maintain a thriving caseload

Exclusive online resources
Learn more about exercise prescription to manual therapy techniques and soft skills from some of our most seasoned clinicians at your own pace

Continuing education funding
You get yearly financial support to enhance your skills and bring new techniques into practice.

A highly experienced team
Our team includes highly qualified physiotherapists with diverse expertise, such as FCAMPTs, fully-credentialed McKenzie therapists, clinicians trained in dry needling, medical acupuncture, pelvic health, vestibular therapy, and Long-COVID management. You’ll receive support and collaboration from our entire team as you integrate into our clinic.


What are the typical hours of work like?

Most of our clinics operate Monday to Saturday. Your schedule will include a combination of morning and evening shifts to accommodate patient needs and help you build your caseload effectively.


How many new patients per week? Where do new referrals come from?

The number of assessments per week will vary depending on location, therapist specialty and time of the year.  We focus on keeping your schedule busy by developing your clinical reasoning, technical skills and caseload management practices.  We have built meaningful relationships with physicians in our community and a strong online presence to help bring in new patients.


Are there any specific styles of treatments or techniques that are required of therapists?

We prioritize evidence informed treatment, individualized care and therapist autonomy over specific techniques. Founded by Physiotherapists, we emphasize patient-centric treatment without mandating specific styles or techniques. Our therapists have ample time for thorough assessments (1 hr) and follow-ups (30 min), and our modern clinics offer private treatment rooms and well-equipped gym space. We encourage our therapists to leverage their expertise and creativity to deliver excellent patient outcomes


How long are assessments and follow-ups?

Patient care and satisfaction is our primary concern which is why we provide our therapists with plenty of time to carry-out thorough assessments (1hr) and follow-up appointments  (30 min). Our therapists also have protected time for treatment planning and documentation.


Do you offer extended health benefits?

Yes. We offer an extended health benefits program that is partially funded by us as a company.  The program includes life insurance, critical illness insurance, dental benefits, extended health benefits and prescriptions drugs.


Are there continuing education funds?

Absolutely, we support you furthering your skills through a competitive yearly continuing education fund. We also provide extensive in-house training courses for our specialized programs of vestibular therapy, pelvic health, and Long-COVID. Additionally, you’ll have access to exclusive online resources on everything from exercise prescription to manual therapy techniques and soft skills.  For therapist pursuing the FCAMPT and MDT designation, we provide free in house mentorship hours.


What is the compensation model like?

We offer competitive fee-for-service compensation.  What sets us apart is that you are an employee.  What are the benefits of being an employee?  You have employer contributions to Employment Insurance (EI) which is available for events like unplanned illness or parental leave.  We also offer health benefits and opportunities for professional growth. Individual rates are based on overall performance, caseload management, patient feedback and contributions to clinical leadership and culture.


What does growth look like at Cornerstone? Are there leadership opportunities?

At Cornerstone Physiotherapy, growth is not just encouraged; it’s a part of our DNA. We foster a culture of continuous improvement and provide clear pathways for career advancement. We prioritize promoting from within, recognizing and rewarding high-performing individuals who contribute to our mission and values. As you excel in your role and demonstrate leadership potential, you’ll have opportunities to step into leadership positions within our organization with ample support. Our commitment to nurturing talent and providing leadership opportunities sets us apart as a company that values and invests in its team members’ growth and success.


How would the team members describe the company culture and atmosphere?



What our patients say…

“As a retired physiotherapist myself, I can honestly say that Cornerstone offers the best physiotherapy services in Toronto!!! Simply put, they will exceed your expectations!”    J.F. Pelletier

“I can not say enough about Cornerstone Physiotherapy. I have been a client for several years and the team have helped me through many aches, pains and injuries. Everyone is very knowledgeable and best yet, personable. They are experts in their field. I have recommended Cornerstone to many of my colleagues and friends.”   Jim Stewart

“Great physiotherapy isn’t as common or easy to come by as you might think. Many people think that all clinics are the same, that is far from the truth. The quality of care at Cornerstone Physiotherapy is outstanding. The therapists are knowledgeable and highly skilled. If you are motivated to get better Cornerstone will help you make that happen.”   Dr. Benny Chang

“I cannot recommend this place enough! The level of service and care is definitely among the best I have ever received, and it is easy to see why this clinic has been nominated (and won) best clinic for a few years in a row.”  JL Antonakes


What are some of the biggest challenges that a new graduate could face at your company?

Some of our newer team members feel pressured by being surrounded by a high-performing team.  If you’ve a Cornie (what we lovingly call our team members) you have all of our support.  We started in your shoes, so we know how you feel and are here to help!


How to stay in touch with us?

Keep an eye on the Careers page of our website regularly. Feel free to reach out to any of our Directors – we love to keep in touch with talented Physiotherapists as we’re always growing!


Apply to Join the Cornerstone Physiotherapy External Mentorship Program

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