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Toronto Physiotherapist Melissa Seifried
Toronto Physiotherapist Melissa Seifried


  • Bachelor of Health Science with Honours Specialization in Rehabilitation Sciences. Western University
  • Masters of Physical Therapy. Western University

Post Graduate Credentials

  • MDT – Parts A-C (spinal therapy)
  • Acupuncture Certification
  • Specialized Training in Vestibular Rehabilitation (CHM)
  • Long COVID Rehabilitation Training (CHM)


  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • McKenzie Institute of Canada.


Melissa thrives on breaking through the barriers that are holding people back from achieving their goals and watching them succeed. Central to her approach is integrity. She feels strongly that this should be the foundation of any health care providers practice. Next she focuses on communication. As an experienced therapist she has learned that people take information in differently, and a skilled therapist must be able to adapt. Melissa’s patients can feel how passionate she is about her profession. This passion is infectious and it motivates her patients to work hard to get the best results possible.

Melissa grew up in Kitchener, Ontario. Her father was an Ironman triathlete who taught her about the importance and joy of exercise and athleticism. She credits this early exposure to triathlon with her pursuit of physiotherapy as a profession. Melissa is an avid runner and cyclist and she cross-trains with yoga and boot camps. She also enjoys gruelling backcountry camping with portages in Algonquin Park. That being said, she has the skill and patience to meet every patient wherever they are in their physical fitness journey. Her favorite part of being a physiotherapist is watching patients who are reluctant or skeptical get great results after she helps them to commit to a well made plan.

Favourite Quote

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” -Albert Einstein


  • Mini GoldenDoodle (Wally)


  • The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Elton John

Binge Watches

  • The Wire, Parks and Rec, Silicon Valley, The Office and Friends.

Interesting Facts

  • Melissa has absolutely zero fear of heights, she can walk along a ledge at death defying height, but put her near a spider and she will lose it! She also has a brown belt in Shaolin Kung Fu. When you meet Melissa, ask her why she taped a lotus flower to her foot for several weeks.

What Melissa's patients say...

My son, my husband and I are all patients of Melissa at Cornerstone’s downtown clinic and we all recommend her very, very highly. She is thorough and painstaking in her clinical approach, her manner is warm and friendly, and she explains follow-up exercises with real clarity. The clinic itself is absolutely immaculate, with impeccable Covid protocols in place, and we feel very safe during our visits.

Jennifer Robson
Downtown Toronto, Ontario

What Melissa's patients say...

Melissa at Cornerstone is a miracle worker. She’s what I look for in a therapist — peppy and upbeat making appointments enjoyable, she absolutely knows her stuff, and expects a lot of herself and of her patients which made me work hard on my assigned exercises. Would highly recommend Melissa and Cornerstone if you’re in the downtown core and looking for a physiotherapist!

Greg Roderick
Toronto, Ontario

What Melissa's patients say...

Melissa is wonderful. She helped get me back on track after I suffered a very painful back issue. After a few sessions with Melissa my condition greatly improved. She even followed up to see how I was doing via email. I would highly recommend Cornerstone based on my experience.

Sandra M
Toronto, Ontario

What Melissa's patients say...

My experience with Cornerstone Physiotherapy was exceptional. Melissa not only diagnosed my condition but was extremely integral in my recovery. The exercises along with her positive encouragement were very helpful. I will highly recommend her to anyone suffering from vertigo type conditions

Phil Mattin
Downtown Toronto, Ontario

What Melissa's patients say...

I am completely satisfied with the treatment at Cornerstone. Melissa diagnosed the cause of my dizziness, gave me exercises, adapted them for me as needed, and is now almost completely resolved. She knows what she is doing, and was really committed to getting me back on track. Cornerstone’s COVID-19 protocols made me feel very comfortable going there. I will recommend to friends.

Kevin O'Grady
Toronto, Ontario

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