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Golf season in Unionville is short, so we need to make the best of it!  One of your last chances to get on the course is the Golf Fore Kids Charity Classic. One of the season’s most anticipated charity tournaments is being held right in our backyard at Remington Parkview Golf and Country Club in Markham.  The tournament supports Variety Children’s Charity of Ontario, and proves to be a great event for an even better cause.

To make sure you finish the golf season strong, we’re going to explore some of the most common injuries in golf and show you the best ways to recover from a golf related injury.


What are the most common injuries in golf?

Low Back Pain

Spine pain is one of the most common injuries related to golf.  A recent systematic review found that low back injuries account for 15-35% of golf related injuries in amateurs and up to 55% in professional golfers.  Whether you’re an avid golfer or a weekend warrior, you remember Tiger Wood’s famous battle with back pain, which eventually required surgery.  While most golf related back pain does not need surgery, determining the type of low back pain you are suffering from is an important first step in your recovery.

Golfer’s Elbow 

Believe it or not, Golfer’s Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) is not the most common elbow injury in golf, that honor belongs to the next injury on our list, Tennis Elbow.  Golfer’s Elbow is caused by overuse (or improper use) of the muscles that flex and turn (pronate) your wrist.  Check out in-depth article for a detailed explanation of this common golf related injury.

Tennis Elbow

As we mentioned earlier, Tennis Elbow, also known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is the most common elbow injury in golf.  Like its counterpart, Golfer’s Elbow, it is related to an overuse of the muscles that extend and rotate (supinate) your wrist.  Find out more about this common golfing injury here.

Rotator Cuff Injury 

Shoulder injuries make up over 23% of golf related injuries.  Similar to the most common elbow injuries in golf, rotator cuff injuries related to the sport occur due to overuse or misuse of one or more of the rotator cuff muscles.  Read our article on rotator cuff tears to dive deeper into golf related shoulder injuries.


How do you recover from a golf injury?

Recovery from any injury usually starts with rest and management of the acute injury.  You’re probably come across the acronym RICE to help you recover from injury – rest, ice, compression, elevation.  This method is actually fairly outdated and has been replaced by PEACE & LOVE.


Avoid activities and movements that increase pain during the first few days after injury


Elevate the injured limb higher than the heart as often as possible

Avoid anti-inflammatories

Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications as they reduce tissue healing.  Also avoid icing.


Use elastic bandages or tape to reduce swelling


Avoid unnecessary passive treatments and medical investigations.



Let pain guide your gradual return to activity.


Condition your brain for optimal recovery by being confident and positive.


Choose pain-free cardiovascular activities to increase blood flow to repairing tissues.


Restore mobility, strength and proprioception by adopting an active approach to recovery.


Once you’ve taken care of the acute injury, the real work begins.  Since most golf related injuries are related to overuse rather than one large traumatic event, there are usually movement dysfunctions or muscle imbalances that lead to these issues.  This is where a tailored Physiotherapy assessment comes into play.  

In this session, your Physiotherapist would identify your specific muscle imbalances related to golf and any common golf swing mistakes that lead to injury.  Once these issues are discovered, you can address them head on with a structured plan.  Not only will this help you get back on the course pain-free but also limit your risk of re-injury in the future.


Looking for more practice?  Here are the top driving ranges in Markham:

Practicing your mechanics is a key component to reducing golf injuries.  To help you find a driving range in Markham, we compiled the list of the top 5 driving ranges in Markham/Unionville to dial in your swing.  (Ratings based on Google).

  • Uptown Golf (20 Vogell Road – Thornhill)

A fully automated indoor driving range powered by AI technology.  You can access this Richmond Hill 24/7 driving range all year round by booking online.

  • Swing Park Golf (39 Rivera Drive – Markham )

A virtual golf experience.  Play 18 virtual holes or work on your game on their state of the art simulators all year round.  They also offer professional coaching and memberships.  Visit their website to learn more.

  • TARGET Indoor Golf (91 Doncaster Avenue – Thornhill)

An indoor golf facility with locations in Thornhill, Mississauga and Vaughan.  You can play a virtual course or work on your skills regardless of the weather outside.  To learn more about their memberships and other initiatives, head over to their website.

  • Pure Golf (3 – 7755 Warden Avenue – Markham)

Another indoor golf simulator located in Markham/Unionville.  You can play a round of virtual golf or take some swings to practice, it’s up to you!  Pure Golf also offers fitness bays where you can warm up using golf specific training aids before your session.  Visit the Pure Golf Markham website to learn more.

  • Markham Golf Dome (150 Burncrest Road –  Markham)

If virtual golf isn’t for you, the Markham Golf Dome provides over 20 acres of indoor and outdoor golf practice facilities in the heart of unionville.  If you want to take advantage of golf lessons in Markham, check out their pros.  Learn more about the Markham Golf Dome here.


If you’re looking for golf related rehabilitation or injury prevention help, visit Cornerstone Physiotherapy Markham/Unionville at 5051 Highway 7 across from Markville Mall.  Don’t forget to check the local weather report for Markham/Unionville before you tee off.

Are you wondering if our clinic can help you with your specific problem? Allow one of our registered physiotherapists to provide you with a free 10 minute phone consultation and get you honest answers to your questions.  Call us at (905) 209-6830.



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